In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

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Where Is My Mind?, The Pixies.

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theres like… rosalina. thats it. literally.

oh shit yeah rosalina i forgot about her

who even got confirmed who wasnt already in it

zelda & sheik and samus&SZZ are literally the same person and i dont even know if you can count Wii Fit Trainer because you can play as either gender


There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.


so I’ve finished my first monthly (ish) game - No The Gold Is Mine!! a game I also like to call:

~*~*$$$$ GREED SIMULATOR & FRIENDSHIP DESTROYER 2014 $$$$*~*~                     —————          #GETGOLDGETTOLD          —————

you can play it online for free here!
(unity browser plugin required - resize window if white screen)

- I made this game! pixelatedcrown, that’s me, I’m chelsea, hello. consider supporting me on patreon if you wanna see me make more monthly games and get bigger, stronger, more powerful. unstoppable. plus there are rewards if you want to get something out of it too, how selfish.
astro kid made the tunes! he’s OUTTA THIS WORLD ☆
- I posted about development from start to finish over on my dev sideblog!

for controls & more info (& gold??), read under the cut!

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my friend made a game!!! its cute!!! you can hurt your friends and family emotionally!! play it!!!

me nd my john green 


me: bb ur hands are fuckn boring
him: that me book